CATS! / by Kyle Howard

I finally got around to shooting portraits of Aubrey on Christmas Eve. Unlike Remy, she does not like to sit in front of a camera, so taking portraits of her is more challenging. We had to lure her to the set with a blue string, seen here:

Once on the set, we used butter to keep her there. You might ask, "Butter? Why Butter?" Well, this little cat is obsessed with butter. It doesn't matter where she is in the house. If you pull butter out of the fridge, she comes running. She will dive headlong into the sink to lick a butter knife. She's crazy. With one lick of butter, she was transfixed on the ottoman. Needless to say, we got many shots of her licking her chops and making funny faces.

Here are a few that will be printed and hung in our Hall of Family.